Friday, September 2, 2011

Dabbling in the Dark Arts Blows Up On Team "'Stache!"

(In the 'Stache's! wacky world, wizards do the campaignin', taxpayer dollars mysteriously fly off and land into "slush funds", and spies are among us! Oh, and the President will stick his head in every now and again.)
The Weprin campaign is becoming increasingly bizarre. We suggest they all head back to Hogwarts and regroup.
- Turner campaign spokesman Bill O'Reilly

Can things get any weirder in the NY-9 race?

In what could only be described as a desperate cry for help, Team "'Stache!" decided to employ a "wizard" to heckle a Turner fundraiser, in a pun-tastic play to promote their endorsement by the Old Grey Lady. Let's just say it wasn't touted as the most ingenious political stunt.

Basically, Team "'Stache!" was trying to out-do the Turner campaign at their own game and failed. Miserably. Whether it's sending SUVs to drive "The 'Stache!" to a debate he didn't wish to go to, or guys in duck suits or quotable one-liners at debates, the Turner camp has been out-working and out-classing Team "'Stache!".

In fact, City Hall News called the cheap stunt "a nervous reaction to the more genuinely inventive campaign Republican Bob Turner has been running for the Ninth Congressional District for weeks." when they called "the 'Stache!" one of the "Losers" of the week (and the biggest loser at that as voted on by almost 200 readers).

But this wonderful wizard of odd wasn't the only one attempt at some dirty slight of hand parlor tricks in the past day:
  • The DCCC actually tried to pass off that despite having the worst week in the history of political campaigning, "the 'Stache!" actually widened his "lead" over Turner! Are you kidding? We all know to take partisan polls with a grain of salt, but do they think we're all THAT stupid? At least the Turner poll is plausible given recent current events. Too bad the DCCC can't magically make this past week just "POOF!" go away.
(Clearly, this spy missed the "blend into your surroundings" lecture.)
Maybe the Labor Day holiday and a fresh week will mark a return to reality for Team "'Stache!"

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