Thursday, September 8, 2011

"'Stache!": Worst. Campaign. Ever.

(Note how the panic button is locked - that's because every Dem has been pushing it so much today!)

It's Official. David "The 'Stache!" Weprin is the worst candidate in the history of candidates. Bar None. Martha Coakley, you're off the hook. Jane Corwin, move over! Dede Scozzafava, you're nothing but a memory.

First - and most recently - "The 'Stache!", who recently said in a NY1 Debate that "to use 9/11 imagery on the eve of our tenth anniversary of 9/11 was really despicable in my opinion" released a TV ad where a 3d plane graphic flies dangerously low over the downtown Manhattan skyline.

Totally agree, "'Stache!". I mean, what kind of candidate would use the image of a plane flying over lower Manhattan in an attack ad? Oops. You would. You can't make this stuff up. And thank goodness, because these blogs can't write themselves!

Congressman Grimm summed it up best:
As a 9/11 first responder, I can tell you that you can’t probably get more distasteful than an ad like that and someone who reviewed it along the way should have been able to figure it out.
The ad was quickly pulled after everyone who vetted it and approved it - including Team "'Stache!" I would think - realized about an hour later that they missed something. Imagine how that conversation would've went:
Team "Stache!" #1: Hey, did anyone at the DCCC ever think that showing a low-flying plane flying over Manhattan days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is a bad idea? I mean, it's not out there yet, is it?

Team "'Stache!" #2: Oh $#!t!
It's amazing how a $483K media buy can just foul all things up, isn't it? This is the latest in a whole series of missteps, mis-remembering and mis-everything else from Team "'Stache!" that led the Rothenberg Political Report to rate NY-9 a "pure toss-up" race before the botched ad was even released.

Rothenberg's shift in opinion comes on the same day that State and National Dems are pushing the panic button like it was going out of style. A half million in ad buys announce in one day? On the eve of election, that's the sweet smell of Democratic desperation coming from Team "'Stache!".

And the bad news apparently keeps on coming. A MAJOR top of the cap to Colin Campbell at the Brooklyn Politics who has this to add from his incessant, almost obsessive monitoring of Twitter:


More on this and much more tomorrow as we continue our march towards shaving "the 'Stache!" and electing Bob Turner for Congress!

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