Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet David Wimp-rin!

Tonight was a GREAT time at "The Victory Center" for the last Brooklyn GOP Radio before the NY-9 Election, and we were joined by a special call-in guest. Meet "David Wimp-rin"!

Mr. Wimp-rin had a lot to say to our audience, though it usually came out after a lot of stammering and such. But we found out a lot, like he's a Democrat. And ummm... he's a Democrat. And also that he is indeed a Democrat.

But we probed the issue with Candidate Wimp-rin, like where did he get that hair? Or whether he would lose the 'stache is he lost. And if he drove on the Belt Parkway to visit the district from his home outside of it.

Would I vote for him? HELL NO! But he was a hoot. Give it a listen. The answers are hilarious. (And yes, Jacob Kornbluh was broadcasting from a wind tunnel apparently!)

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