Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton Endorsements - Part I: Mitt Romney for President!

This is the first of two endorsement announcement from Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton

Brooklyn's Republican Chairman Craig Eaton has thrown his support behind presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"I believe Mitt Romney has the vision and leadership America needs in the next four years," said Chairman Eaton.

"Our families cannot survive the continued economic beating they've received at the hands of the Obama Administration," said Eaton.

Eaton added "It's time for a President with hands-on experience in the business world and Mitt Romney's business skills would provide our economy with a steady hand a clear idea of what's needed to turn things around."

Eaton, as the first New York City Chairman to endorse Romney, stated that he will work to elect a slate of candidates in New York's April 2012 Presidential Primary, running as Romney Delegates to the GOP Convention.


  1. Captain America

    One thing I love about America The 1st Amendment and I also love the 2nd and so on, great place this America.

    Thank God that God made it.

    Well Captain America loves Craig Eaton like a brother.

    Brother you should have waited I told you all God works in mysteries ways.

    Well it does not really matter you will be working for Perry unless of course all of you walk out and go Democratic, just joking.

    Well everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and I guess me and Batman are the only ones for Perry unless some of you are making believe and are taking a hinge bet on Mitt.

    Mean while The O show is on.

    Bo is talking to Oscar.

    He is going to far now, watching these World War 2 movies, the little mustache and goose stepping all over the place.

    Now he wants a teacher to come in that knows German and another for hand and head movements.

    And I heard him talking about maybe ending the fall election for President.

    Oscar to Bo. Weird what power does to these humans. I am glad we are what we are. (LOL)

    Captain America aka Bas aka The Riddler out for a smoke and maybe a pizza

  2. Captain American

    Sad day for Perry. Or is it?

    Strange things will happen in this political game, this I am sure of.

    Will Newt beat out Mitt?

    Will Newt pick Perry for VP?

    The Drama is just beginning.

    Will God eventually go to to Disney World?

    WOW Batman God has so many avenues to work with here, more than before. LOL

    So I will repeat LETS GO PERRY!!!!

    Mean while The O Family Show. O talking to Bo.

    You heard Bo, Perry dropped out. Yes sir, can I have another biscuit.

    O to Bo: Sure, you know Perry was the only one I was really scared about.

    Bo to O, I know can I have another biscuit.

    Bo thinking: I better tell Oscar about Perry, or maybe I should wait until tomorrow.

    I'll wait the biscuits are to good today.

    Can I have another biscuit sir.

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    High above Mt Sinai Ralph's cousin Moshe the Eagle is chatting with God.

    Why did you pick Perry.

    God replies to Moshe: Well I am God!

    Man and Woman choose their own fate this I give to them and only this.

    If I stated Perry will be President.

    Perry will be President.

    Moshe to God: When?

    God to Moshe: Maybe I will make them scared first, or maybe I will do this or that, but Moshe hear these words and hear them good.

    I God have spoken!!!!

    Captain America out for a smoke and a few tears because of Perry

  3. Captain America

    WOW Batman.

    Newt is a time bomb, I think he is out!

    Hmm could we have a replay of the Kennedy years with a Roman Catholic President from The East and a Texan..

    Instead of Democrats its Republicans this time.

    Rick and Rick:::Fine Choice Republican Party.

    We will see!

    On to The O Show. Bo laughing about Newt.

    Tells Oscar you know he is a nice guy Newt, but he has a lot of issues which are self induced.

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    Oscar still thinking after running into a toy plane. Sad he (O) could have been a great man, if only he did not try to please everyone, but this is only from a squirrels point of view. What do I know.

    High above The White House Ralph is circling looking for any Jackass to plop on. Thinking I should take a vacation and visit my cousin Moshe.

    Mean will Moshe thinking of Ralph and about God. I wonder what Ralph would ask God if he was here?

    God thinking:

    They all think a lot, thank God I don't think.

    God laughing imagine if I was to think!!!

    Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddler out for a smoke.

  4. The Riddler

    Mean while Moshe thinking of Ralph and about God. I wonder what Ralph would ask God if he was here?

    Mistakes are sometimes made on purpose comment 3 will should have been while, when I catch one I make it into a riddle.

    The real question is what will Moshe do with all the information God gave Moshe?

    The Riddler aka Bas, aka Captain America out for a brisk walk.