Monday, January 9, 2012

Game On!

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a race this March 20th in Brooklyn! Governor Cuomo has heeded the call of Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton and is calling a Special Election to replace disgraced Democrat Carl Kruger in Senate District 27.

As has been noted here as well as other in other places, much of the senate district overlaps nicely with NY-9, which was formerly held by another disgraced Democrat and Buffoon of the Year nominee, Anthony Weiner. That seat was won by a comfortable margin by Republican/Conservative candidate and now Congressman Bob Turner.

David Storobin, a vice-chair of the Brooklyn GOP and a successful attorney is the favorite to receive the Republican and Conservative nods to run in March.

This race won't be easy; no race for a Republican in Brooklyn is. This video has served us here at the Brooklyn GOP well over the past year and I am posting it now for our friend David Storobin.


  1. one of lifes great lessons

  2. Well said Russell. History is full of upsets, come from behind wins and pundits trying to explain "what went wrong". David Storobin will combine his own clear fitness for the job with the wave of momentum created by Bob Turner's incredible victory to become the next GOP candidate to join the NYS Senate.

  3. Captain America

    Come on you guys stop be depressing about Republicans not able to win in New York.

    Those days are over Captain America is in TOWN!

    its a lock for David. God likes him...

    Batman you have to think positive and when the chips are down and you think it is over.

    Remember it isn't over til the Fat Lady Sings.

    Speaking of Fat: Whats with Hillary?

    Did she swallow a Basketball or can she have something in the oven....Oh my God Batman

    You better get the Bat Car.

    Well Captain America aka Bas aka The Riddler out for a smoke