Monday, January 9, 2012

Brooklyn GOPers Mentioned In "New Yorker" Article

When a bunch of us decided to throw together a Brooklyn GOP Iowa Caucus Watch Party at the "Victory Center" at the last minute, we all thought it would go largely unnoticed. Well guess again! Not only was our party well attended, we have proof!

A few hours before the party, Andrew Marantz, a journalist with whom I had had previous contact, emailed me to discuss putting him in contact with active Republicans to get reactions to the Iowa Caucus as it happened. I replied by saying "why not come to our party?", which he did.

The rest can be read HERE as part of the larger discussion of an old "Google Bomb" that Iowa Caucus "winner" Rick Santorum has yet to clean up:

Despite appearances to the contrary, there are Republicans in Brooklyn. Last Tuesday night, twenty-five of them gathered in a storefront in Bensonhurst to watch the results of the Iowa caucuses. There were Reagan posters on the wall and Domino’s boxes on a table. Gene Berardelli, the law chairman of the Brooklyn Republican Party, took a poll: “Has anyone here actually met someone from Iowa?”

“I watched ‘The Music Man’ last week,” a voice said. “Does that count?”

The room was divided among Romney loyalists, Perry supporters, and libertarians who couldn’t quite stomach Ron Paul. But the story of the night was Rick Santorum. One of the men opened a laptop and Googled “Santorum,” and was shocked at what he found. “That’s ugly,” he said. “That’s not politics. That’s just trying to rip someone down.”


Back in Bensonhurst, Russell Gallo, who held the remote, switched to CNN. “Change back to Fox News!” someone shouted. “They have hotter women!” No one in the room claimed to be a Santorum supporter, but Jacob Kornbluh, who writes a pro-Israel blog, said, “I could live with him.”
Andrew definitely caught the fun spirit of the party, which included our own little mini-caucus (Romney won, followed by Rick Perry) and some lively discussion and debate. It's nice that a low-profile casual spur-of-the-moment gathering got some ink - it's things like this that we in the Brooklyn GOP do that don't get headlines that help grow this party back up brick by brick.

We'll probably do again for the South Carolina primary, which is sure to be a turning point in the 2012 Election. Goes to show you - you never know who's showin' up in Brooklyn!

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