Saturday, January 7, 2012

ABC Debate: Romney's Bulletproof... 'Cause No One's Shooting At Him!

So I just got done watching the ABC News debate (if you want to call it that - I personally think it was the best example of mainstream media bias! I mean really, this was probably the worst debate I've witnessed.) and I now have the distinct feeling that Mitt Romney may have just locked up the Republican nomination for President of the United States - by default.

After the shocking results in Iowa, I expected a few things from the candidates trailing Romney. I expected Newt to go for the jugular and "team" with Santorum to bloody Mitt up and bring him numbers in NH down to earth in preparation for a SC bloodbath. I expected Rick Perry to be chomping at the bit to get into the mix with anyone just to stay relevant. I expected Jon Huntsman to have a coming-out party as the scene shifted to New Hampshire. And, I expected Ron Paul to continue being a wingnut with sound grasp of domestic policy, but a dangerous view of America's place in the rest of the world.

Only Ron Paul lived up to his billing.

Romney couldn't have believed it would have been this easy a few hours ago before the debate started. But it was. All he had to do was stand there, sound off with some Presidential platitudes and hope that he wouldn't take much damage. But the damage never came, so Mitt went on the attack - on George Stephanopoulos who, in my opinion, was the worst debate moderator ever. (Pressuring Romney on contraception banning? As one person said on Twitter during the debate, in Georgie's defense, he did have to breach that very subject while working in the Clinton Administration!) and even took a shot at Huntsman (prompting a Catonese retort!) - a sign of Romney's confidence in his debate performance.

If this was what Rick Santorum meant by "Game On", then he's playing the wrong game. In my opinion, he had moments, but fell flat. For the most part, Ron Paul was the most pugnacious - but his barbs were towards everyone BUT Mitt Romney. Newt, as always, was wonky good, sounding like the expert on the stage - but he couldn't pierce Mitt's veneer. Perry even looked to be moving into positive yardage, but then he said how he'd return troops to Iraq - yikes. (Even if you think it's right, how you plan to get elected on THAT platform?!?)

Bottom line - Mitt is starting to pull away from the pack. Everyone else better bring their A games and bring it against Romney, or he'll be the Republican challenger - and next President.

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  1. Captain America

    Mr. Voice you are so correct. Boring!!!!

    I am not commenting on any of this. The reason I believe is that they are all almost broke, except for my Cowboy friend.

    Holy Cow Batman God tells me he is packing for Disney, hmm could God know something we do not know...

    The Movie Final Designation according to God is as real as real can get for you all.

    What's in store?

    Stay tune for The Soap Opera is going to HEAT UP lol

    I am starting to enjoy this political thing.

    Candidates can actually stand in front of a live television crew and lie. Then The American people have to chose who is telling the less lies.

    Strange again people believe in God but they don't believe in God... hmm I know God is not very religious and created religion to Amuse God and the rest of God's crew.

    Mitt is a Mormon, Paul is a Baptist, Rick S is a Catholic as is Newt who in reality does not really know what he is and than Perry who is a Christianity (evangelical)

    Now like I said before God is not very religious and does not pick sides when it comes to this but in the books God has written MAN has chosen to re write what God said in most, except one. With this mind you all have to figure out which one. Again most don't read their books or even understand them.

    Why did God PICK Perry. Well it all comes down to just ONE THING my friends. COMPASSION!!!!!

    Rick and Anita have this my friends over all the rest.

    It is The American People's Choice::

    It is FREE WILL::: LOVE or HATE.

    You All Decide your fate. Like the Dollar Bill States In God We Trust!!!!

    You Better... God Loves America.

    Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddle out for a smoke