Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Look Now, Russell Was Right!

I remember during the summer some prophetic words from Russell Gallo on one of our shows - how the Democrats and the President would tout the decrease in unemployment during the holidays and in the new year based on seasonal employment and those no longer actively looking for a job coming of the unemployment rolls.

So when I saw this press release by Rep. Thad McCotter, I immediately thought of him:
The New Year's first unemployment report brings sobering news: 13.1 million of our fellow Americans remain out of work. While we all welcome the news that 200,000 of our fellow citizens have found work and the "official" unemployment rate has dipped one tenth of one percent to 8.5% in December, this rate has persisted at over 8% for 35 straight months. Worse, the misleading practice persists of excluding from the unemployment calculation our fellow Americans who despair of finding a job and are no longer actively seeking for employment. Consequently, when our friends, neighbors and loved ones who are no longer looking for work, along with those only able to find part-time work, are included, America's 'underemployed' rate equates to a staggering 23.7 million Americans (15.2%).
So remember, when watching the news these next few months, go deeper than the headline. It's smoke and mirrors, folks.

The lessons learned: Don't be fooled by the Democratic rhetoric - and always listen to Russell Gallo!

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  1. Captain America

    WOW Batman when are you ever wrong. It is easy to see thru all the lies and bullshit.

    Speaking of bullshit.

    O is in the office playing with his new Barbie Doll and Ken.

    O is telling them about unemployment so picture this O talks for all of them,

    Barbie tells O and Ken (Well a little lie won't hurt)

    Ken tells O and Barbie (That's why I love you all, smart thinking guys.

    O hugs the both of them.

    Bo with paws over his ears. Oscar near window laughing.

    Bo thinking: All men and women can't be idiots, I hope they don't see this for what it really is I love these biscuits and I really want another 4 years here, I will miss Oscar if I have to leave.

    Oscar thinking: Thank God we squirrels don't have unemployment, we always have work.

    Hard to believe he can lie like this.

    Well I better go find some more acorns and with all these toys and junk it is getting harder and harder to find them.

    High above a Eagle Circles The White House it is Ralph. Now Ralph's family has been in the D.C. area since The Dawn of Time which is around 35,000 years. Ralph thinking thank God I have great hearing and Eagle eyes(Laughing To Self)I think I will nip these Jackass's in the butt they are BAD for everything!!!!

    Captain America, aka The Riddler, aka Bas