Thursday, January 5, 2012

NY State Young Republicans' Video on Kruger, Cuomo & SD27 Special Election

Now this one is creative!

Our friends over at the New York State Young Republicans released a video (seen above) demanding that Gov. Cuomo schedule the SD27 Special Election to fill the seat of disgraced Democrat Carl Kruger. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR ARTICLE.

Going with a theme playing off of Cuomo's "silence" on the issue, the NYSYR put together a tribute to Charlie Chaplin featuring Kruger's "perp walk" in and out of Federal Court with little messages in between.

If you feel as strongly as the NYSYR (and Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton) regarding SD27, call Gov. Cuomo at (518) 474-8390 or CLICK HERE

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  1. Captain America

    Great I love this you are very creative Mr. Voice.

    Enough about this Moron Voice and Batman.

    As for the NH race. Another JOKE!

    I will not comment on this for it is more of the same bullshit.

    Perry is waiting!

    One comment in the NY times. Perry stated it was a bad move us getting out of Iraq..

    Smart he knows the fun is just beginning with these clowns overseas and in South, Central America and they are moving into Mexico. They look like Spanish speaking people and with a few lessons they can cross our borders at will and with the added money from Drugs their weapons will become more and more high tech.

    Wake up America The CIA can't do this alone and O is in Charge of them. WOW we are in big trouble.. Unless Bo and Oscar can talk to him and make him see this threat..

    As I sit here thinking about Perry.

    How is this Master Plan going to turn out which I sent them and certain select people within The Republican Party.

    Perry & Anita raising their hands in Victory like I wrote them.

    Is it the wrong year?

    Should it be 2016?

    Will something big happen again like the WTC?

    Will the people that are running now Mitt, Paul, Newt and Ron drop out or pass out and just Perry is left?

    Will Perry be a VP candidate and then President?

    God tells me something will happen.

    Weird the way God works?

    Should I make a bold prediction?

    WOW I have so many choices.

    Capt. America aka Bas, aka The Riddler out for a smoke