Thursday, January 5, 2012


Your Winner!

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  1. Captain America

    WOW Great Choice Guys. Enough said about these idiots.

    Perry will skip the next race and will jog to South Carolina. Nothing like a Great Rodeo and in South Carolina Perry will Lasso them down

    Great cartoon in The Post Page 12 Perry and The Obama Idiot and The Jackass's.
    You gonna love the post.

    Michele was stabbed in the back, goodbye Fair Maiden. Her crew over to Paul, they must be real idiots too. WOW even people you think are your friends in this politic game could be your enemy. Watch your backs Young Republicans.

    Sad note Judge Carter dead, see you in heaven Pal.

    No way Rick S. will win, he is almost out of money and he is a RC. God and the church at present are having a disagreement, should be cleared up soon. Oh well no concern here to you all.

    It's time for The Obama Family Show. Oscar to Bo. You know I was standing by the gate and a red light was shinning on me, I got scared they almost did me in. O is a control freak. Bo to Oscar remember what happened the other day with Mexico well it happened again with Poland, a simple question about Poland from his daughter, he babbles about Poland Springs Water or something to that effect.

    Yesterday he tells me lets go down the basement and look for Poland on the huge 20 x 20 map of The U. S. I tell him it is in Eastern Europe, he glares at me gives me a biscuit, trips go down the stairs on a Barbie Doll (Yeah he is starting to play with dolls just like the other Jackass Clinton)Speaking of Clinton, what's go on with Hillary, she looks as if she swallowed something, Oscar to Bo. Please don't go there she is nice and always feeds me. Bo to Oscar: Well back to Poland, here he is again on his hands and knees looking for Poland, wasn't to bad he started in Maine found one, jumped to New York and found 2 and he kept going west and found 2 in Ohio, his Thomas the Train Alarm Clock went off and he stopped to watch some cartoons and then he forgot all about Poland.
    After the Cartoons he asked me to get Israel the cook. I play along with him on this for the cooks name is James, and besides almost all the staff play along for they know deep down he is very slow and a jackass. When James arrives he tells him to get the car and that he wants to take Air Force One to get some McDonald's near Disney World. James looked at me and told him Ok. James than got in his car drove to McDonald's asked for 5 extra toys and some Happy Meals, came back and told O that flight was fast and great boss and how did he like the flight. O looked at both of us sort of strange and said Great. Then he went on the floor and eat the burgers and played with the Toys.
    Mean while Oscar was sitting at the desk flipping thru various Senate and Congress Bills that effect America. Thank God for Oscar
    Captain America out for a smoke.

    PS: God Bless America, our troops, the police, firemen and everyone involved with helping people and of course our Commander In Chief who deep down in his heart is a good man and really tries hard to do the right thing by all Americans