Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton Endorsements - Part II: David Storobin For State Senate!

(This is the second of two endorsements released today by Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton)


BROOKLYN, NY – Craig Eaton, Chairman of the Brooklyn Republican Party, weighed in with his choice of who he believes should replace disgraced Democrat Carl Kruger as the New York State Senator to represent the 27th Senate District. This is the culmination of a process which began in March of 2011 when Eaton brought Storobin to the New York State Senate Chamber to meet with Senators from around this great State. “I am proud to personally endorse David Storobin for State Senate,” said Chairman Eaton. “David has the makings of a great public servant. He has the intelligence to do the job and the passion for his community to represent them well in Albany. He will remove the stain of disgrace left by Carl Kruger and the Democrats.

“Carl Kruger leveraged the public trust for his own greed and self-interest. It’s a story Brooklynites have heard over and over as of late – one of corruption, abuse of office and disregard for everyday people who deserve better from their elected officials.”

“David Storobin is a true American success story. After immigrating from the former Soviet Union at age 12 with his family, David worked hard from day one, attending college and law school and starting his own successful law firm. Becoming the first Soviet-born State Senator right here in Brooklyn is the perfect continuation of that American success story. “

“But beyond that, David is also a product of the district. He grew up in the district – his values are the district’s values. He will truly represent the district’s interests up in Albany." This race is in many ways the "American Dream" race - an immigrant from the former Soviet Union following his dream, and working to make Brooklyn and the City and State of New York an even greater place for all of his fellow immigrants and residents of the 27th Senatorial District.

Eaton added, “Now that Governor Cuomo has scheduled the Special Election, I urge all Republicans, Conservatives, Democrats and Independents to come out and vote for David Storobin".


  1. Captain America

    Yesterday my head was a little dizzy from inhaling cigar smoke in a coffee shop, reason for some of my bad spelling and what ever else I did wrong. Oh well I really do not care as long as my point comes across.

    Brother Eaton has selected a find choice in David.

    I am sure we will all work hard for David to make sure he wins and of course he will WIN!!!!

    On to The News:: Post page 4 The First Lady bless her heart: I quote: My hope is that over time people will judge me for me. Sometimes you have to learn to read into messages. What it means to me is that she feels bad what O is doing (Over time) refers to all of the people that work 16 to 20 hours a day.. She does have a good heart and will go right to heaven. Years down the road she will file for a divorce...

    Front Cover Marines peeing on the enemy. I can understand it. Killing 8 to 10 year old boys, girls and old people I can understand when they try to kill you, its either them or you. I can understand this too. I don't have to like it but it is a part of war, so unless you have lived it, just read it and try not to make an opinion on them for they are there for all of us.

    Me and my partner would take some one out. I would kiss them on the forehead or cheek and tell them goodbye or I was sorry.

    The first few times he asked me why I was doing that. I told him they more than likely had families and we really did not know them.

    They were evil people men and women and escaped and hide for years until The U.S. caught up to them and The Angel Of Death took them out.

    No crime goes unpunished. No matter how small you always have to pay the piper and that is why as I will repeat In God We Trust!!!!!

    Enough of this bullshit, lets go guys and lets get David into Office that way he can help the little guy.

    Captain America aka Bas aka The Riddler

  2. Captain America

    Let's go David... Seems no body writes here but Captain America.

    I just came back from The VA Hospital. I am sort of pissed off today thinking I have to pay the VA for my medical services.

    Thinking to myself why did I wait 25 years to say something.

    Oh well better late than never.

    In the 1970's we use to get free transportation and free medical.

    In 1987 under one of my favorite Presidents Reagan watch this changed.

    Well I liked him and I know it is because of budget and the growth of The VA population and whatever other bullshit there is and I am not going to really read about all of this bullshit.

    Maybe one of you all know how to get a bill or something to O that way he could over rule this bullshit...This way we could see what kind of man he really is....or even The Republican or Democratic Party unless you all are full of shit!!!!!!!

    Oh should I do this by myself and raise hell with both parties until somebody does something for the VETS...

    Because if it was not for the VETS..You all would not be sitting reading this bullship and Brooklyn, New York would be Vereinigte Staaten Das Reich.

    Well Captain America aka Bas aka The Riddler out for a smoke and maybe a stroll

  3. Captain America

    Batman, or The Voice or Brother Eaton or somebody after going down the page I saw Turner's and Golden's picture give it to them about the VETS or maybe Grimm.

    Let me see some noise or hear something from them, if I don't I will know they are all full of shit and just care about themselves.

    I am a little mad today, so please forgive me but if you can spend Billions on Foreign Countries that try to kill us than you can give the vets they try to kill FREE MEDICAL AND DRUGS

    Captain America aka Bas aka The Riddler out for a smoke and I am going to give this my full attention................