Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rise Above Lew Fidler's Hate

I loathe indulging the delusions of Democrats – why engage in a battle of wits with witless wonders? However, there are times when ignorance left unchecked can be dangerous and toxic. This is one of those times.

I refer to Councilman Lew Fidler’s out-and-out lie that the Brooklyn Young Democrats have apparently accepted as gospel – that David Storobin, a young Russian Jewish attorney and fellow Young Republican vying to restore the honor of the 27th Senate seat that disgraced Democrat Carl Kruger stripped from it, has “ties to skinheads, neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups.”

No, that’s not a typo. He actually said that. Check out the video.

This is “page 57” from the Southern Brooklyn Democratic “playbook” – race-baiting. It’s a way for Democrats to play on anger and fear in order to drum up support and win votes. It’s also disgusting.

The “basis” for this latest Southern Brooklyn Democrat disgrace is that some hateful individual linked something Storobin wrote several years ago onto a white supremacist forum. Seriously. That’s it.

So how does Fidler get from that to putting Storobin in that group? He doesn't. Because he can’t.Those of us who actually know how the Internet works knows that anyone can link anything just about anywhere that gives them access and there’s nothing the author could do about it. We all know that Lew Fidler is not ignorant of the internet – he comments in forums (sometimes linking things himself) all the time.

There’s only one conclusion. Fidler is race-baiting. He is casting dangerous and harmful aspersions with suspect proof in the hope that it inflames those with such sensitivities and turns into votes.

Long story short – Lew Fidler is a liar. And the Brooklyn Young Democrats swear by his lie.

That’s the only explanation I can draw from Seamus Campbell’s "hit" piece up on the organization’s website, which I refuse to link here (by the way, from Fidler's ridiculous point of view, any link by me of that article here would make Campbell a Republican, but back on topic...) In furtherance of Fidler’s hate-mongering, Campbell “demands” to know why the article that prompted Fidler’s contemptible comments was removed by the source website – like Storobin or anyone else is supposed to know! The Storobin campaign does not run the website. The website has an editorial board and accepts online submissions. Clearly, there can be any number of reasons!

Looks like Campbell is learning the Democrats’ smoke-and-mirror tactics pretty well. He’s asking questions he knows damn well that no one can answer and then argues the non-answer is proof of wrongdoing. It’s intellectually dishonest, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from Brooklyn Democrats.

All of this would be par for the course except this gambit takes contempt to a whole new low – even for Democrats. David Storobin’s story is the story of American Dream. You see, David is a Russian Jew born in the former Soviet Union. At a young age, he was the victim of Soviet oppression and prejudice of the worst kind. He and his family immigrated to America to escape poverty and persecution. His single mother worked menial jobs while David educated himself, graduating college and Rutgers Law School to become an accomplished attorney with his own law firm that has two offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

This is the person that Councilman Lew Fidler and his Young Democrat minions expect you to believe is a racist.


I hope you join me in my shock and outrage. For all the talk of "tolerance" that comes from the left, this is the single most horrifying political tactic I have ever witnessed. I also hope you join me in demanding that Councilman Lew Fidler and the Brooklyn Young Democrats immediately apologize for their comments and behavior.

Call Fidler’s office at (718) 241-9330 and demand that he stop stirring up hate for votes and that he stop defaming David Storobin. Send a message that we must rise above Lew Fidler’s hate by supporting David Storobin for State Senate.


  1. Gallo, you knocked it out the park, pal.

    This goes beyond campaigning for office. Fidler's lie, if repeated and left unchecked, can harm David's professional life and personal interactions.

  2. Well isn't this the pot calling the kettle black! I wonder how you would defend the cowardly slander and libel you and your crew perpetuate here:

  3. Talk about typical. Mr. / Ms. Anonymous can't refute the truth of the article, so s/he deflects by making more false accusations!

    No one here perpetuates libel and slander from the blog you link because no one here is associated with that blog.

    If you have a problem with it, I suggest you take it up with the blog's author or report it to Google.

    Let's keep these false accusations coming. It's showing what Brooklyn Dems truly are all about.

  4. Hello Guys

    My wife reads this site everyday and is always laughing. Captain America well he is a hero since The 1940's.

    A few weeks ago while we were out with friends she kept telling everyone what a wonderful site this is and the humor and politics go hand and hand.

    Well I am sure when my wife is finished talking all of Naples will know about your site.

    On a sad note their are many VETS that are homeless and you can see the drug and alcohol use in many.

    Good Luck in trying to make Brooklynites come to their senses and vote Republican

    Roger and Pearl Naples, FL

  5. Hi Roger & Pearl! Thanks for spreading the word! We'll keep fighting the good fight. :-)

  6. Pearl here

    Thanks Gene, we try to spread the word the best we can me and Roger.

    Ohh one thing Gene.

    I have been copying Captain America's comments on a disc for future references.

    I was going to show a few friends your site and the latest comments by Captain American for we are involved with veterans me and my husband here in Florida.

    Why was this removed?

    Did he or she offend this blog in anyway?

    Gene something me and Roger have learned over the years and there has been many.

    Their are messages that go deeper and maybe you don't agree with some of them or sometimes the pride and ego takes over.

    What ever it maybe Captain America is a true Republican and has a lot of pride in America.

    Me and Roger both agree Captain America is doing you all a service with his or her comical show.

    Roger and Pearl Naples, FL

  7. Actually, that was an accident by me. I clicked on something I shouldn't have! Sorry about that.

  8. Captain America

    What a race in Florida, boring!

    I love this thing called Politics.

    Hmm the State released the new maps of the new district proposals.

    Marty's zone is shaped like a Bat.

    Hmm Batman:

    WOW Batman I am thinking: Your name Batman, Marty's zone shaped like a bat and besides we are in Gotham City.

    To me this is a sign for Marty to run for Mayor.

    I like Marty and I think he would be a Great Mayor. Let's Go Marty!!

    WOW: Think even The Little Flower (LaGuardia) was pictured in Batman Comics early 1940's.

    Hmm I got it Batman we will call Marty “Golden Boy”

    Why are they doing what they are doing to Grimm?

    I need answers to this Batman, educate me!!!

    Was this another con by the other party to make a Republican look bad, hmm.

    Batman it seems there are those in our mist right now, those that seem dumb to you and or talk fast and swear to God they are Republicans except they have a different motive behind what they do.

    Strange this game of Politics Batman.

    Well The O Family fun show is off today.

    Bo, Oscar & Ralph had to go to some fantasy show in the DC area about Pirates, Barbie Dolls, Military Hardware and other important items which might come up in the oval office.

    Captain America out for a smoke.

    P.S. I still love the voice and miss his voice and besides he is a great lawyer at that.