Monday, January 30, 2012

We'll Be Broadcasting LIVE! From CPAC!

This is the biggest news we have ever had the pleasure to break to all of you. Brooklyn G.O.P. Radio will be broadcasting two huge one-hour shows LIVE from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C.!

Organized by the American Conservative Union (ACU), America’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization, CPAC brings thousands of grassroots conservatives and conservative leaders together in Washington, DC for three days of blockbuster speeches, policy discussions and networking opportunities – all celebrating the shared principles of smaller government, a strong national defense and traditional values.

We'll be broadcasting live on February 9th and February 10th starting at 12 PM. I'd love to tell you what guests we'll have, but frankly, I don't know! We'll see when we get there!

To listen to the broadcasts, you can call in to our show at (718) 506-1967, listen online at (and if you're online, join our chatroom!)


  1. the stupidness of the american voter may give Obama an early Thankgsgiving present
    in November 4 more years to destroy the
    country. Alright maybe Newt or Mitt aren,t
    perfect but thats how it is forget Ron Paul
    or Rick Santorum they have no chance.Whats going on between Newt and Mitt is being overblown by a lamestream media intent on clearing the field for Obama. Some useful idiots on our side have fallen for the line
    GINGRICH= TOTAL DISASTER no.We cannot sit back and accept 4 more years of Obama. He
    got Bin Laden all on Bushs work not on leading from behind. To credit Obama getting
    Bin Laden without Bush is like crediting H.W
    Bush for the fall of the Soviet Union without Ronald Reagans input. If Romney is the candidate he needs a movement conservative as his running mate. Its funny 4
    years ago Romney was being held up by conservatives as the man to stop McCain as
    McCain became our candidate . Everything Romney did like his healthcare happened between 2003-2007 when he was Governor not
    recently .Gingrich hit Romney on Bain Capital he left Bain in the 90s . I have no money at all to go to CPAC but I wish I did. You know Sarah PAlin has the
    last word.

  2. Captain America

    Wow what a race in Florida.


    Batman I am confused.

    Are these Republicans, that are running in Florida?

    The way they are acting is confusing me and I am not really into politics.

    Well anyway I will go with Romney, brother Craig has to see something in him and that's good enough for me.

    Well its time for the Obama Family Fun Show with Bo the family Dog, Oscar the Squirrel, Ralph The Bald Eagle and other guess.

    O playing on the floor with Circus Animals and figures, talking to them. It's a lock in November guys.

    Bo tells Oscar:

    He is trying to motive himself.

    He knows The Democratic Party is a circus and as The Chief Clown he is proud of this.

    Besides what has been going on with The Republican Party lately it is starting to look like a circus and O knows his circus is the oldest and will make the people laugh the hardest and ensure him a victory.

    Oscar to Bo:

    Don't tell me that Bo, you know I am all for The Republican Party and don't let Ralph hear you talking like this.

    Bo to Oscar: I know. I will tone it down.

    Ralph flying high above the White House thinking:

    I better do something quickly.

    Oscar to Bo:

    Good news Bo: The Voice and Batman will be visiting us down here in DC.

    Bo to Oscar: I better tell O, he might want to explain his position on a lot of things on their radio show to them. That way he could broadcast to the people the truth.

    Oscar to Bo:

    Don't tell him Bo.These guys don't fool around and they can read thru things. We don't want to hurt O's feelings do we?

    Ralph thinking: I better ask mother nature to get involved.

    Captain America out for a smoke