Friday, February 3, 2012's Crystal Wright To Co-Host Our Live CPAC Shows!

Announcements like this is why I love to do what I do.

I'm so happy to announce that our good friend, political commentator and blogger Crystal Wright will be joining the show as a special co-host for our LIVE! CPAC shows scheduled for next Thursday and Friday at 12 PM.

For those of you who don't know, Crystal is the editor and publisher of Conservative Black Chick, a fantastic conservative blog borne out of her frustration from "people telling me because I’m a black woman I couldn’t be a Republican and should be a Democrat because of the mere color of my skin." Check out her latest blog posting HERE,

Crystal is also an in-demand political expert who has appeared on several programs on CNN, BET and TVOne and has written pieces published in The Daily Caller and She is also the principal owner of the Baker Wright Group, LLC , a full service public relations firm, specializing in communications counseling, media relations, message development, media training and crisis communications.

We first talked to Crystal in October - one of our most-listened to shows ever! Everyone loved Crystal - especially our resident elder statesman Vinny Bocchino, who constantly reminded me to tell Crystal that he said "Hi!" when I see her in D.C.!

Having a bona-fide expert like Crystal as a special co-host for our two CPAC shows is beyond anything I could’ve ever expected! Not only does she have her finger on the pulse of conservative politics, I know she'll bring a fresh perspective (not to mention a much-needed women's touch to our usual boy's club / frat house atmosphere) to our CPAC coverage.

Plus on a personal level, she totally kicks ass! I can’t wait to work with her!

Keep checking back for more big announcements as we get ready for CPAC!


  1. Captain America

    Wow Batman - The Voice where did this beauty come from. Heaven!

    Well she knows The Republican Party has always been for all peoples. Keep kicking buns Crystal

    Hmm we need a name for her! Lets see hmm

    The Young Republicans hit the Lotto with this beauty. I know that God searched the heavens for the right stars for her eyes.

    If Crystal is married or has a boyfriend this guy is a total winner for he has the entire package.

    Enough about this.

    On to a sad note Camilla Williams the great Soprano was greeted by God for she is an Angel.

    Its that time The Obama Family Fun Show with Bo the dog, Oscar The Squirrel, Ralph The Bald Eagle and Ralph's cousin Moshe high above Mt Sinai.

    Bo to Oscar: Great news Oscar, Romney will self destruct. O is so happy about that interview with CNN which Romney stated he is not concerned about the poor.

    Oscar to Bo. I know Ralph is going nuts with his stand on immigration. You know Ralph is all American. One of Ralph's favorite sayings is that America is the home of the brave and the land of the free and he loves the entire song as well for he is always singing as he drops on the jackasses.

    Oscar and Bo laughing.

    Ralph high above the white house listening and thinking. I love these two guys. I need Americans to have more jobs here. They need to do what President McKinley and his signature issue was high tariffs on imports as a formula for prosperity for the American People.

    Boy I am smart for an eagle. I wonder what cousin Moshe is doing.

    High above Mt Sinai Moshe talking to God.

    Moshe to God: What are you going to do with Syria and Iran.

    God thinking: Should I really tell Moshe?

    God to Moshe: Moshe have patience for they are all my children. Remember Moshe as God I have to take care of my children that are bad and evil and teach them in my own way.

    Moshe I take them away and put them in a place where the skies are red and the dirt is red and on racks for where they stay for a time which I determine in God's time.

    Moshe to God: Seems like it is not a nice place.

    God to Moshe: It is not, but I God have to do what I God have to do to teach my children.

    God thinking: Have I God created more Evil than Good?

    Over and over I ask this question. I always come up with the same answer. Yes I have created more good.

    When evil comes. Good always prevails. I am a Loving God!

    God thinking: What do I do now with Romney, Newt, Paul, Rick and O this fall.

    I have to do what is good for all my children.

    Captain America out for a smoke

    PS: Crystal Lady is a good name!

  2. The Riddler

    Wow your right Captain America this Crystal Lady is a doll

    Thanks for that tip about Room Eight!

    Riddler out for a walk and to think

  3. Dear Ms. Wright:

    I viewed you on the Glenn Beck internet program interviewed by Brad Thor. You are 100% correct. The men of this country have been allowed to play internet games instead of going to work. As a working Mom I raised a boy and a girl. The girl started working at 13 and the boy dragged his feet. During the summer we expected him to find a job. He use to say I tried but I couldn't find any. I then took the working situation into my own hands and found seven jobs. He'd lose one and I found another, then another etc.

    As he got older he had a girlfriend that he courted for one year. He spoke of marriage to her. After the year was up he gave his telephone number to a girl on the bus and behold she accommodated him and called our home. I told this young girl that he was at his girlfriends house for dinner as he did every Sunday. She didn't discourage to easily and called back at 7PM. I told her that he was still at his girlfriends house and she answered I will call back. I responded no you don't I go to bed early. That night I didn't go to be early and waited for Sir Galahad (my son). I sat in the kitchen waiting and when he arrived at 10pm. He asked what I was doing up and I told him that I was waiting for him. I told him about this young lady that called and I told him that he could not be a skirt chaser after he announced that he would marry the girl he ate Sunday dinner with, and her parents. I told him that I did not want someone to do to our daughter what he was doing to someone else' daughter. I threatened to call her father and the next time he went there for Sunday dinner, the father would kick his but out the door. He response was "I don't believe this". I told him believe it. We told him that our home is a Christian home and that he should do what's honorable in the sight of the Lord. In the end he did the right thing. More parents should treat their sons with a firm hand instead of worrying that they won't love them anymore. He was spared in 9/11 and today is a committed father and husband.

    Please don't give up on America they need to be shown the way. Show them it can be done, that our boys can be turned into men. Ms Wright show them the way, preach it not only to the Black community but the White too. Get more TV exposure.


  4. What a joke insulting to black women