Monday, February 13, 2012

Best of CPAC 2012 Interviews!

We knew when we went to CPAC that we'd get some good interviews, but we never knew it would be this huge! Check out the player above for the top interviews from CPAC 2012, including the full interviews of Ambassador John Bolton and Congressman Allen West!

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  1. Captain America

    Wow Batman and The Voice.

    Pretty soon this list will grow, grow, grow and grow. The average person is tired guys and you are giving them a ray of sunshine. Thanks.

    The Obama Family Fun show

    Bo talking to Oscar:

    Last week O got pissed off with all the planes, tanks and soldiers on the floor in the Oval Office.

    He started yelling to get rid of them because he twisted his ankle on one of the soldiers he stepped on.

    He called The Budget Director and barked out a command CUT THE BUDGET OR ELSE!!!!

    Later after this he ate some Chinese Food and was complaining how come he did not get any money from them.

    What a deal he offered them.

    Every $1,000,000 dollars they give they can get

    a)10,000 proof sets of the new penny with his face.

    b)1,000,000 8 x 10 photographs of himself to give out to the people in China

    c)10,000 copies of his new book which he is writing. How To Take Over A Country By Smiling. plus his other two books. Obama The New Nero and I Am Alfred E. Neuman.

    Captain America out for a smoke