Monday, February 13, 2012

Post-CPAC Wrap-Up Week!

All I can say is WOW.

Russell and I had an amazing week at CPAC in Washington DC - and judging by the numbers, so did a lot of our listeners!In a matter of days, Brooklyn GOP Radio cracked BlogTalkRadio's top 10 most popular political shows - out of over 1300 shows!

So many new listeners found the show, thanks to so many great live guests, including 5 U.S. Congressmen, including Congressman Allen West, NRA President David Keene and - a huge surprise for us - former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton! We'll replay some of our highlights on this week's show.

A great deal of thanks goes to "Conservative Black Chick" Crystal Wright, who was with us just about every step of the way!

In addition, we'll unveil some bonus coverage for followers of our blog, including a video interview with Brooklyn's own Congressman Bob Turner and our encounters with "Occupy DC" at CPAC! The interactions were... interesting.

But here's the BIGGEST news: Brooklyn GOP Radio was invited to an EXCLUSIVE press conference with HERMAN CAIN!

Awww, shucky ducky!

Don't believe me? Here's a photo I took to prove it! We'll play some of the presser on our show, which was about Herman Cain's new endeavors coming in 2012, and then we'll upload over 25 minutes of video you won't find many places!

So stay tuned! We have much in store!

1 comment:

  1. Captain America

    Batman and The Voice!!!!

    Brooklyn is or I should say all of New York is proud of you two. Both of you donate so much of your time for the cause of the little people.

    Many who have no voice!!!

    Keep up the good work my friends and Captain America salutes you both and the rest of the crew at The Young Republicans Headquarters.

    On to whatever comes into the head.

    Greece is burning and we will see more of this thru out the world.

    The little man and woman are getting tired!

    Can Monti or will Monte save Europe, we shall see my friends.

    Liu is sinking and fading, its only a matter of time.

    Syria is in turmoil and will fall soon. To who? Will another yo yo take over?

    Iran. Its time to stop playing games with them.

    Time to Checkmate them.

    Times article Admiral McRaven (thank God for McRavens) he is in charge of the Special Operations of the Navy (seals and others)wants to expand into Asia, Africa and Central America.
    We need to do this.

    Do remember Batman I told you the Army will be in South America soon (The other agencies are already there, but sometimes there hands are tired) I salute The Admiral.

    Yemen. Its time to get rid of this President. Pow Pow. Again who will be the new one?
    Worst than the old one?
    Another Yo Yo. I hope Not

    On to Obama Family Fun Show.

    Bo the Obama Family Dog talking to Oscar the Squirrel who lives outside the Oval Office.

    Well the money is really rolling in Oscar, thank God I will be here for another four years.

    Oscar to Bo: Another four years with this Moron and his crew of stooges, Ralph must be going nuts.

    Bo: Thinking, well it could be worst be could have Hillary and her crew here and besides they hate to feed animals and all they think about is, well I think I will drop what I am thinking. Just keep it to myself.

    Mean while Ralph The Bald Eagle flies high above The White House looking for any Jackass to poop on.

    Ralph thinking: Sad how these Jackasses just think about ways to get over on the little people. I wonder what cousin Moshe is doing.

    Moshe flying over Syria with God:

    God to Moshe: I God can change all of this at anytime I will. Will my children ever learn Moshe? I God ponder this. Have I God created more evil than good?

    Moshe to God: What will you do?

    God to Moshe: Watch the show, when I get tired I will think all of them away.

    Moshe to God: You are a Loving God, why would you think them away.

    God to Moshe: To you I God am a God. In my reality Moshe I am just a kid running an experiment which started 7 weeks ago in my time. I have to end it soon and get my grade.

    Moshe to God: Where will everyone go?

    God to Moshe: With me, for they are me. We are all ONE.

    God and Moshe laughing as they pass over Iran, Moshe poops several times, God gets tears and thinks, where have I God gone wrong.

    God thinking: Well the good thing is, not all of my children are bad.

    Captain America out for a smoke