Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cain: We’ll Slay DC “Goliath” With “An Army of Davids”

Herman Cain’s is building a grassroots army that will assemble on April 16 in Washington DC.  Their mission:   to bring Cain’s “Solutions Revolution” to Congress and turn his famed 9-9-9 plan into the law of the land as part of the larger call to “return power in Washington DC back to the people.”

In a tele-conference today organized by FourTier Strategies, a Boston-based consulting firm headed by the team of Brad Marston and John LaRosa, Herman Cain told Brooklyn GOP Radio that 9-9-9 “is a great idea that can’t be killed” by the “empty criticism” of Washington DC and the liberal media bias.  “9-9-9 is the people’s solution!”, proclaimed Cain.

The opening salvo in Cain’s battleplan focuses on the economy, as he announced the impending opening of video micro-site, Displaying images reminiscent of the “this is your brain on drugs” campaign launched in the late 1980s, the video unveiled by Cain Solution’s tag-team of New Media Director Michael Johnson and Videographer Chris Burgard takes direct aim at the Obama stimulus plan with a stark and impactful 34-second visual depicting “what kind of future we’re going to have if we keep going down this road.”  (NOTE - the site will be open to the public soon!)

“This whole failed stimulus thing is still in the minds of the American people”, said Cain.  “Regardless of the terminology or the methods they use to measure it, the stimulus failed.”

"Sick of Stimulus" is the latest visual in preparation of Cain TV, a project Cain first spoke to Brooklyn GOP Radio about at CPAC earlier this month.

With the battle lines drawn on the interwebs, Cain then discussed his post-campaign grassroots strategy, starting with “Cain’s Revolution On The Hill”, a rally in Washington DC on Monday, April 16th.

“We’re creating an army of Davids”, said Cain, that will convene on Washington on Tax Day.  As part of the event, Cain and his team are searching for 435 Representatives  - 1 from each congressional district across the country -  to take part in a “Patriot Summit” that will focus on empowering attendees citizen activists equipped with readied to lobby their representatives .  While Cain said that he would want to lobby all representatives in both the House and Senate, Cain specifically mentioned the powerful Ways and Means Committee as a prime target for his citizen lobbiers.

As the ultimate battle that is Election 2012 rages in, look for Cain’s “Solutions Revolution” to grab more than a foothold on the battlefield that is the national political scene.


During the tele-conference, Herman Cain uttered a revelation for every Republican voter:  “There is no perfect candidate!”   In response to questions about the current Republican Presidential field, Cain offered some sage advice for those still evaluating the candidates.  “If you find someone who you agree with 7 out of 10 (issues), you got a winner!”


For more information on Herman Cain and his “Solutions Revolution”, there are lots of websites you can check out, including and

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