Friday, March 2, 2012

(Inter)Networking: Meet "Change It Back 2012"

Check out
Right before I was going to go to bed tonight, I got an email from Marine Sgt. Felix Quintana.  

Sgt. Quintana is a Purple Heart Veteran of the Iraq War whom Russ and I met briefly at CPAC while we were all gawking at the mess that was Occupy DC.  and is the man behind "Change It Back 2012", a new online web campaign seeking to unite one million Americans who will pledge to vote out President Obama.

The email contained a blog posting he wrote looking at the state of political discourse in the context of the untimely passing of Andrew Breitbart, which you can check out here.

So I thought that this would be as good of an introduction as anything for our audience to this call to action.  I'm sure we'll have Sgt. Quintana on the show soon to learn more about his website and more of his thoughts.  

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