Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pots & Kettles - And Dumb@$$ Liberal Bloggers

If this is the face of mental wellness, then call me deranged!
So, it looks like our favorite liberal blogger is at it again.  And he’s as classy as ever.

Howard Graubard, who insists on soiling the moniker of a great blues musician by posting hateful liberal tripe, went off on yet another tirade on me.  Can someone say obsessed?

I’ll spare you all the effort of reading Graubard’s latest rambling inaneity (but if you want to read it, I suggest training first on smaller articles and working your way up -  getting through his drivel is like some sort of crazy endurance challenge that should require clearance from a doctor or something before attempting.  Oh, and get some wading boots, the BS gets thick!) but needless to say, Lew’s numero uno bootlicker brought out his best “blue” material. 

It’s all because I suggested that Councilman Lew Fidler should consider his failing health and his family when deciding whether to continue his campaign for State Senate against David Storobin.  I don't really care about Lew's health, he claims.  This is all politics, and low at that. And apparently, all this means that I suffer from some kind of sick, twisted mental illness

Oh, and he said I’m fat, too.  I know, I didn’t know either!

But what Howard doesn’t get is that my intent was never towards scoring political points on some imaginary scorecard.  I only point out that there is life outside of the bubble that is Brooklyn politics that should come first.  And I point this out because, though I am far from Councilman Fidler’s friend, I have compassion for what he and his family are going through. 

Those that know me really well know how my father has been suffering from various serious health issues for some time.  They know how my family and I have been living through the 3 AM  911 calls, the sleeping out of exhaustion in an ER waiting area or sitting vigil bedside in an ICU and all that comes with it for more than a year now. 

We know all too well the pain and helplessness of watching a loved one suffering – the loss of control, the helplessness, the uncertainty, the depression, the constant second-guessing and “what ifs” that flash through your brain at 1000 mph. 

It’s torture.  And my heart goes out to anyone that goes through a similar pain.  Even to a political adversary.  What is politics in the face of such things?  Nothing.

Right about now, Graubard, being the predictable little twit that he is, will be planning his next heavy-on-word, light-on-idea worthless posting responding to my “sob story."  I can see it now, the “great” Gatemouth exposing me for what I really am!  How I’m exploiting my own family’s pain in the name of politics.  How I’m using my father’s suffering to gain the sympathy of the chorus.  How it’s all a charade, and a disgusting one at that. 

It must be.  Because there can be no other explanation. 

You see, in Graubard’s distorted world view – politicos like him and me are incapable of showing any concern for another.  We don’t relate with each other on any levels other than partisan.  Friendships are temporary, and of convenience only.  Feelings are never involved, unless they're laced with hate and vitriol. Advancement and gaining position are all that matter.  No quarter given.  No mercy. 

We must be this way.  There is no other way.  Because the other side isn’t human – they’re simply the enemy.   A thing to be destroyed at all costs. 

In Graubard’s mind (a term, I use very, VERY loosely) I must be only feigning concern for Councilman Fidler and his family.  I must be just playing cheap politics.   I must be taking a low shot.   I must be after something political. 

I must be.  Because it’s doesn’t make sense otherwise.  

Because if given the opportunity, that’s what Howard Graubard would probably do.  And then tell you all about it in 25,000 words or more.  Proudly.  

Yet he says I am the one suffering under some mental derangement.   


  1. Gatemouth is a POS. He and his liberal buddies call their opponents racists, homophobes, bigots, and nazis.

    They are politically correct wimps that only take shots at people that they know/think won't fight back.

    Way to go Gene. And I did attempt to read a Gatemouth post once but fell asleep around incoherent paragraph #43.

  2. Thanks, pal. I wouldn't lump all liberals in with Graubard. He's shown himself to be far lower than that.

  3. Captain American

    WOW Batman this guy Howard is a MORON.

    Understand my friends the world is divided into two groups.

    They that care and they that do not care.

    I don;t know this man named Howard from Adam.

    I have only know you guys for a little while maybe since May. This game called Politics is pretty deep, mental wise.

    I know one thing my friends you Batman and The Voice are very caring people and concerned.

    I do have the ability to read thru things and see EVIL. Do remember my friends EVIL comes in all shapes and forms.

    As I read The Voices entire article I felt his pain and even his concern for this other idiot Lew.

    If my good friends The Voice and Batman call a Spade a Spade. Than these two are idiots without feelings or compassion.

    To show my compassion I will pray for Howard that God will have mercy on him towards the end of his journey. Lew I will do the same and send a pray for him and his family.

    Gatemouth and Lew sometimes you have to step aside and wave a flag and reach out with an olive branch.

    Do not anger me with comments about my friends, if you like to be a friend show it. This thing called politics is weird.

    All sides should be working to make America Great and not bringing her down with low life comments and remarks.

    You have a choice here: Lets all be friends when it comes to a family and there concerns.
    Have compassion when it is due!

    One Point: If you become my enemy, sometimes I will forgive you and let it go over my head, other times I will Not Take Prisoners.....!!!!!

    Captain America out for a smoke.

  4. Just saw Graubard's "response", if you want to call it that. Who wants to be the one to tell him that he misspelled eunuch?