Monday, March 5, 2012

What's A "Eunich" And Other Graubard Buffoonery

Before I begin, a word to Mr. Howard Graubard, who apparently is so lazy is his writing that he can't even use basic spell check that has existed for as long as I've been alive!  It's e-u-n-u-c-h-s, sir.
Apparently I'm not just fat - I'm a fat, insincere liar! At least that's what Howard Graubard says.

While I'm sure I'll be up many a night worried about what this sad sorry little man thinks of me, Mr. Graubard should know that he, predictably, proved me right.  

I said he'd respond by making the main issue about politics - and he did!

You see, in between comments about my size (which, by the way, I'm pretty weirded out about his preoccupation with my body), most of his response was written in the context of the SD27 Special Election. Graubard was more concerned about the political consequences of my suggestion to Councilman Fidler to put family first and damn the politics than he was with my actual message to put family first and damn the politics!  

The other part of Graubard's response takes issue with is the method of how I expressed my concern.  Yes folks, Graubard  - the man who wished me "luck with a capital F" in his previous diatribe - is now the self-deputized "Etiquette & Manners Police" (if you makes him feel any better, I typed the rest of this with my pinkie fingers up).  This is, of course, in addition to this other self-anointed title of "High Judge of Sincerity".  After all, he's proven over the years to be so well qualified to perform both tasks.  

Note to readers:  From now on, please take care to express yourself only as Howard Graubard thinks you should, regardless of sentiment expressed, or experience the same fate as I.  

By now, it's obvious: there's only one person playing politics here, and it ain't me.  Sad, isn't it?  That an expression of concern and well wishes was turned into this by a political gnat like Howard Graubard.     

Given his latest display, I propose that our "Buffoon of the Week" honors should renamed after Howard Graubard. Let's call it "Graubard of the Week" In my opinion, Howard's certainly earned the dubious distinction.

 In fact, I can't think of a bigger fool than Howard Graubard.  

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  1. Captain America

    Howard Graubard who is this person.

    Who is this person?

    I repeat who is this person?

    A lonely man with nothing better to do who knocks or I should say tries to knock Gene, Russell and who ever with trash writing and idiot comments.

    Everyone who reads that garbage you post see's right through you.

    Young Michael told me.

    Why do you waste your time with fools like this.

    I toy with them, to amuse myself telling Michael.

    Just like I have been doing for countless years, 35.000 to be exact.

    That is when the conquest of the earth began, for it was created in 7 days and than we toyed with you all by creating these drama's of life and death.

    Do remember A Thousand Years Is A Day and A Day Is Thousand Years.

    To us it's only been 7 weeks of our time.

    We do not die and have always been.

    We are the first wing of the invasion.

    We built everything from The Pyramids, Great Wall Of China, Religions, etc

    Actually we are children who are playing and waiting for a grade which will come this December with us fully taking over this place called Earth and the end of humans.

    I confess your right we are using secret codes and names, counting of letters and all sorts of things that would blow you mind.

    Some of the ways we send codes.. READ THIS!!!

    a)Some boxes of Raisin Bran - There are Raisin that are alive, once in the house, they either hide or are eating and that's how we monitor humans.

    b)Snapple bottles, messages on the caps.

    c)Pigeons are actually spies for us.

    d)A lot of messages are in songs

    I could go on and on for there are so many and will in future writings

    Now with these codes and secrets and riddles what are we trying to do.

    Well what we are really trying to do is bring America back from MORONS like you and your peanut brains.

    Actually we are an alien race who with the help of The Republican Party and God rest his soul Ronald Reagan who was one of us "STAR WARS"

    You see you are smart for The Maya did predict the end in Dec with their calendar.

    Please call the Secret Service for many of them are aliens just like me.

    When we take over "THE EARTH WILL BE OURS AGAIN AND HUMANS WILL BE OUR FOOD CHAIN." (Twilight Zone episode)

    Enough of this bullshit

    Another young adult named Alice read your entire blog site in around 15 minutes that's how fast she reads.

    Called me and told me.


    I laughed and said to Alice

    That is your Job Alice To Figure Out Why?

    Out for a smoke and to feed the pigeons.

    PS: Why can't we all be friends