Thursday, March 8, 2012

Liberal Hypocrisy: "Rush" To Condemnation Maher-ed By Silence

(h/t to Hannity, where I first saw this video)

(Author's Note - Tonight's radio show inspired me - it's time to start calling out what Russell calls "the hypocrisy of the Left" when we see it.  We gotta call it out by name, face, and act if we hope to end it. Tonight's as good of a night to start as any!  I hope this is the first in a running series of articles with national and local examples of political hypocrisy coming from Democrats.  I'm sure Russ has thought of 50 articles already!  Now to our first case study.)

Brooklyn GOP Radio Liberal Hypocrisy Lesson #1: When a Republican does something wrong, call him/her out on it, repeatedly. Seemingly without end. Beat it down for days and days, and then beat it some more! Even if s/he apologizes, keep the onslaught on! But if a fellow Democrat does the exact same thing or worse, clam up and tow the party line.

Is it really so hard for a reasonable person to say that Bill Maher is just as wrong for calling Sarah Palin a "c***" and a "dumb t***" as Rush Limbaugh was for calling Sarah Fluke a "slut"?  If you're a female Member of Congress, you would think that you'd stand up for women everywhere and call ANYONE so ignorant and/or hateful out on their behavior.  

But I guess not.  

Now let's say this:  I'm not a fan of "ambush journalism", and I for one wouldn't stop a Congresswoman on the street, shove a camera in her face and throw out questions.  But you would think that a Congresswoman would take the opportunity to (1) put the questioner in his/her place and (2) use the opportunity to say how simple human dignity and respect for women trumps party politics.  

But I guess not.  

This is one example of how politics turns good people into political punchlines.  As an eternal optimist, I believe these Congresswomen would agree wholeheartedly with the questions asked - if the political consequences weren't so severe. The cost-benefit analysis done silently is clear on the turn of facial expression by these Congresswomen.  Thanks to liberal partisan politics, more women will suffer the slings and arrows of abusive misogyny.  

If you want to call out liberal hypocrisy, drop us a line at and who knows?  We might highlight your point in an article!  Hopefully, Russ takes my lead on this and follows up with his own examples! 

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