Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Election, Indeed! Brooklyn Awaits Results of SD27 Tally

Please remain on the line, and someone from the Board of Elections will be with you shortly with the results of the 27th Senate Special Election.  Eventually. 
This has been one of, if not THE, busiest political week I've ever personally experienced!

On Monday, we were all still recovering from Bob Turner's 72-hour successful juggernaut of a campaign to qualify for the U.S. Senate Republican Primary, all while the frenzy of the SD27 Special Election's final act looming over southern Brooklyn. 

On Tuesday, the Brooklyn GOP dropped another bomb - we got out the vote for David Storobin, who ran his campaign like his life depended on it, and sent the Southern Brooklyn Democrats reeling with his improbable-to-some-but-not-to-us showing,.  

The past two days thereafter have been a crash-course in the complexities of Election Law, managing the re-canvassing of votes, learning about the intracacies of "memory sticks", locating ballot bins and paper ballots, and, of course, navigating Board of Election regulations (and witness their ineptitude first-hand).  We even canceled Brooklyn GOP Radio, as the thought of rating the night after Election Day gave way to duties as Law Chairman.  

Frankly, things change hour-by-hour, and much of it I can't talk about right now.  I can tell you that as we stand right now, Storobin continues to lead Lew Fidler by about the same margin he led on Election night, with the absentees to be opened next Wednesday.  Between now and then, candidates will be inspecting the absentee ballots for irregularities and to ensure their validity to ensure that every legal vote counts.  

For the candidates - five anxious days.  For the lawyers and volunteers - five more 18-hour work days!  

But for the Brooklyn GOP, it's just another day of shock and awe!  No matter the outcome, the Brooklyn GOP has made their point, made their mark and made the headlines - AGAIN.  

So for now folks, stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!  Keep an eye on our Twitter feeds (over there in the right column) for the latest news on the SD27 re-canvass.  Maybe by next week's radio show, we'll be able to announce the exact moment when Citizen Storobin becomes Senator Storobin!

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