Thursday, April 26, 2012

And Now... A Tap Dance

Things are so busy in Brooklyn GOP circles that it's tough to get time to blog and do the radio show (last night's show was preempted by an Executive Board Meeting and prep for Court in the SD27 litigation!), so to entertain you, here's Debbie Wasserman-Schultz pathetically trying to dodge Fox News's Bret Baier - who had the temerity to pursue a straight answer!


  1. LOL- Facts really are kryptonite to liberals!

  2. Wow Debbie is really a bright light.

    Does she have any clue what is going on?

    I think she should not have eating all those Little Debbie Cakes and cookies

    It made her dud

  3. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

    I am thinking about switching from The Democratic Party to The Republican Party and would like to know a few things before I do this.

    a)Will I still receive my monthly food stamps?

    b)Is it true The Republican Party party is the party for the poor people, just think for years I thought it was the other way around?

    c)I ain't that stupid I figured this out, dud it only took me 20 years.

    d)What are my chances of becoming a switch hitter, I mean running for a position like Congresswoman?

    e)Are the pay offs under the table better here than in Florida?

    f)Can I get season Yankee Tickets for free?

    g)The Unions will like me right, for I am for the little man and the unions. I love Unions, what do you all think?

    h)I am great with communication as you can tell by my many great speeches and I feel I would be an asset to you all, what do you all think?

    j)I hope you all understand I need to leave Florida in a hurry because of this Global Warming thing and do you all think it is going to effect New York?

    k)If I can't run for Congress, how about a smaller position such as District Leader or something to that effect, do they work?

    l)If none of this works I have been offered a job in a comedy club in Greenwich Village, they told me I am a natural what ever that means, do any of you have a clue what this means.

    m)I know I could be an asset to you all, for I am looking at maybe a position on CNN as a political expert or something to that effect, I know I could build up the Republican Party, what do you think?

    n)Look I need to get out of Florida quick, I'll take anything, any ideas?

    o)If I can't get work, how about your radio show, I know I could help Gene and Russ, what do you guys think?

    p)Imagine the fun we would have poking fun at all of the weird stuff I would come up, what do you guys think.

    Well I got to go guys and thanks for the plug, it made me feel good inside to know that you guys think I am the greatest.