Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obama: Dog Meat Is Tough

 For those of you that listened to the last show it was revealed that President Obama ate dog meat as a child while growing up in Indonesia. As an American dog owner myself, I can not imagine growing up in a culture where eating man's best friend is an acceptable practice.

As if we need more evidence that Barack Hussein Obama doesn't share the values that make Americans exceptional, we now have audio of the President describing how tough dog meat is when eaten.

There are those of you out there that think that this story is not important - and I would tend to agree. However, when taken as just another part of the Obama narrative, I feel that it gives us all valuable insight into the President's non-American upbringing.

This administration refuses to allow capitalism to work. They refuse to allow American companies to drill for oil. They refuse to prosecute the racist Black Panther organization which intimidated voters in 2008 and, most recently, put a bounty out on an American citizen's head.

Meanwhile, the only piece of meaningful legislation this administration was able to pass (even though Democrats controlled Congress for his first 2 years) was Obama-Care. The Supreme Court is poised to strike it down as being totally unconstitutional because of its mandate that everyone purchase health insurance or have the IRS come and fine you.

There is a thing called American Culture, and this President, along with the leftists he surrounds himself with, do not subscribe to it or even acknowledge its existence.

Hear President Obama in his own words describe eating dog meat while growing up in Indonesia:


  1. Good job, Russ. You put this "non-story" into the perfect context - the issue is, as you put it, how this President seeks to change American culture into a distortion reflecting his own views.

  2. Captain America

    Mean while back at the White House it’s the Obama Family Fun Show.

    With Bo the Obama family dog and Oscar the Squirrel who lives on the front lawn.

    Bo talking to Oscar.

    I'm scared Oscar.

    Oscar to Bo: You not thinking he might do something to you are you?

    Bo thinking to himself: The kids love me, should I get scared?

    I better start tipping around here and watching everything more closely.

    Oscar thinking: Bo is really scared.

    Wait till he finds out what else he eats.

    Captain America out for a smoke