Monday, May 14, 2012


Calling for "an end to litigation and continued foot-dragging," Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton urged State Democrats to concede defeat and allow the New York City Board of Elections to certify David Storobin as the new State Senator in the 27th District.

"The voters have spoken, and all the ballots have been counted," said Eaton, "and way back in March of this year, ALMOST TWO MONTHS AGO, they chose David Storobin as their new State Senator by a 27-vote margin."

"It's time for the Board to be permitted to certify the election so Senator-elect Storobin can now be seated as a member of the New York State legislature", added Eaton.

"Councilman Fidler and the Democrats should do the honorable thing and drop their objections, end their litigation and consent to this action. The people of the 27th District have been without representation for nearly six months," continued Eaton, "Enough is enough. Certify the results and seat Senator-elect Storobin so he can get to work. All the hand count will do is cost the taxpayers more money, which is unnecessary, and the outcome will be the same."

The final Board of Elections tally showed David Storobin with 11,082 votes to Democrat Lew Fidler's 11,055 votes.


  1. Congratulations Senator-Elect David Storobin, Chairman Craig Eaton, The Brooklyn GOP, and Law Chairman Gene Berardelli on an historic victory!

    On to November 2012!

  2. Thanks, pal. The counting is done - and it's time to get to the business of the people. Finally.

  3. Way to go Senate-Elect David Storobin and to BK's GOP for doing an awesome job leading to his victory.

    ~ Richard Monroi

  4. Your ruining the fun.. The Dems are going crazy.. Afer all, they hold a 5 or 6 to Dem to Republican lead in voter registration.. but could even pull out a win here in Brooklyn...

  5. Captain America

    Great Job Craig

    Great Job Gene

    Great Job Russ

    Great Job Tommy

    Great Job to All The Volunteers

    Now who is next?

    Think positive all the time, try to stay focused, its hard but as a team any objective can be Won.

    I see the future and it is going to change the future of America these victories for one day America will shine again.

  6. Congrats to Senator-elect David Storobin!

    And another great job by the Brooklyn GOP!