Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chairman Eaton, NYC GOP Chairs on "Inside City Hall"

Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton recently appeared on "Inside City Hall".
Click Here to view the video on NY1.com
Chairman Craig Eaton joined Chairmen Dan Isaacs, Phil Ragusa and Jay Savino on "Inside City Hall" on NY1 to discuss the prospective Republican candidates for Mayor in 2013.  

For those of us (like me) who missed it, the NYC Chairs have been making some waves in the media, putting the call out to candidates for Mayor - an office that has been in Republican control for a generation of crime prevention and prosperity:  CLICK HERE for NY Times Article and CLICK HERE For WSJ Article (though you need a subscription to read it!)

While the Chairs also touted candidates for Mayor (including our own State Senator Marty Golden!) and for office in 2012 like Randy Altschuler and Queens Councilman Dan Halloran, the efforts of the Brooklyn GOP was a highlight which Chairman Isaacs pointed to as a sign that the Republican brand is alive and well in the Big Apple:
It's been tremendous what Craig Eaton has been able to do in Brooklyn between Bob Turner and David Storobin.  And the fact that you had such a close election, regardless of whether he [Storobin] ultimately wins or not, the fact that it was such a close election in overwhelmingly Democratic districts speaks volumes of the strength and vitality of the party here in the five boroughs.  
CLICK HERE to view the video on NY1.com


  1. Captain America

    Great Job Craig, stay focused.

    You are doing a great job, as is the rest of your team and never, never give up the dream guys.

    Without these dreams all is lost in tomorrows to come.

    I already know the out come my friends, you all play the game as you do and wonderful things will in brace you all in the future tomorrows.

    The Republican Party was always GOD's Party and one of the reasons GOD created America.

    Captain America out for a smoke, coffee and so many dreams today of what I see for tomorrow for you all. I am happy for all of you.

  2. Captain America

    Realizing along time ago, a lot of my humor is for the pain I have had for years and years with things that have happened in my life and the things that I see that are wrong and what is happening to America.

    Sitting back thinking, here I am trying to inspire people for as long as I can remember, but what about me and my dreams, how do I change things, people look at me and laugh for they see what they want to see and many do not understand me and what I have gone thru or do they have a clue about me as a person.

    I still love all of them no matter what and would help them, even those that call me their enemy or don't like me.

    Now No more fooling around, no more joking and jokes. I just inspired myself to try harder and get more involved, after watching Craig and how he tried to inspire at the monthly board meeting.

    I felt many at that meeting and I knew many were sleeping or did not have a clue what Craig was saying or an interest, it was like Craig was talking to himself. Sad.

    Keep trying Craig!

    Craig, that night you inspired me to change that which I know is wrong, even more!

    We shall unite. I see victory in the future.

    The new game is on, the serious me.

    Captain America out for a smoke, more coffee and a lot of reading for that is an important part of bringing this together.

    Go Tommy Go!!!!

  3. Captain America

    What is a victory. It is a thought to sometimes make you impress yourself or others, I don't need this for I am not self impressed.

    Trying to teach sometimes can be very difficult to those that are blinded by hate, you can show them love and compassion, to no avail sometimes.

    Many will never understand this, for as the saying goes you can't teach an old dog, new tricks.

    Thinking about this I realized I was actually not teaching them anything but feeding into their hate, for without me their hate will fade into the sunset.

    Thinking of World War II. The Japanese, had one thought and this was the conquest of a particular region, the Pacific and Asia.

    America was in their way. They attacked America at Pearl Harbor.

    They did awake the sleeping giant and America was united their was no political parties and America fought tooth and nail.

    Final America dropped 2 Atomic Bombs August 6 and August 9 on them, GOD knew exactly what GOD was doing for GOD has plans for everything.

    Those two days GOD gave them their payback for all of the hate and evil things they did all over the region.

    GOD in his wisdom knew that not all Japanese were evil and bad and these bombs made the good Japanese realize that this war needed to end quickly or their would be no Japan.

    The end of the War.

    Today Japan and America are the best of friends.

    I could end this with some sort of twist with words for those that have hate to play on, but I won't for I know what I did in my mind, its up to them to figure it out now and to make the right choices in their life for I have giving them all the answers to think positive and to unite.