Friday, August 30, 2013

Insiders: Brooklyn GOP's "Team Cats" Gettin' It Done!

Check out this video clip from NY1's "Road to City Hall" from August 26, 2013.  Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin mentions how Brooklyn is the "battleground" in the NYC Republican Mayoral Primary and that the Brooklyn GOP has a "good ground operation" for John Catismatidis.  

The ground game, coordinated by our own Russell Gallo and Brooklyn YRs Chair Diana Sepulveda, have done a fantastic job.  During petitioning season, Brooklyn - on its own - collected more than the required number of signature to qualify John Catismatidis for the Republican line.  Then, it did the same thing for the third-party "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!" line.  Since then, Team Cats has been all over Brooklyn in their ubiquitous Red T-Shirts at fairs, block parties, concerts in various parks and other events. 
Team Cats At The Brighton Jubilee

John & Margo Catsimatidis with Team Cats At Gargiulo's For An Evening With Jay Black
 Take a real close look at this last photo.  The best part about Team Cats is that it runs the gamut of age, ethnicity, religion - you name it.  It's a testament to how this campaign is reaching out to all New Yorkers.

As we head to the wire, there's always room to join Team Cats! Reach out to the campaign at, email, or comment on this article and we'll hook you up!

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