Tuesday, December 17, 2013

BOTY2013 Finals! WHO YA GOT?

 One is a group with it's collective head up one great big Ass. The other is a Self-Obsessed Weiner.
How Appropriate.
The top two seeds battled their way to the finals.  The match-up is set. Polls (no pun intended for Mr. Danger) open now and will stay open until January 1.

You know why they're here.  You know how they got here.  Not to mention the buffoonery that occurred along the way.  

Now it's up to you to choose who was Brooklyn GOP Radio's Biggest Buffoon of 2013.  Both are worthy of infamy.  Both should be held out for posterity to behold and despair to the length people will compromise themselves in the name of political stupidity.

But there can be only one.

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