Friday, February 21, 2014

NYC Mayor & Limousine Liberal de Blasio Talks Traffic Safety And Then Violates Numerous Traffic Laws!

CBS News New York reporter Marcia Kramer followed Mayor Bill  "Fast & Furious" de Blasio from a press conference in Maspeth, Queens and witnessed that the mayor's caravan (driven by armed NYPD officers) sped through residential streets and blew through multiple stop signs.

All this comes just days after this liberal hypocrite (is there any other kind?) announced that he wanted to reduce the city's speed limit to 25 mph and aggressively enforce other traffic laws!

This is limousine-liberalism at its finest.

de Blasio is against good, law-abiding citizens from owning guns to protect themselves and their families but is surrounded by armed guards (NYPD).

de Blasio is for lowering the speed limit in NYC to 25 mph for the common folk but has the lead driver in his convoy of SUVs violate speed regulations and other city and state vehicle and traffic laws.

And by the way, a convoy of SUVs leaves how big of a carbon footprint? 

Put on a helmet get on a Citi Bike, you liberal hypocrite!

Click below to see the video:

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