Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This week, good buddy (and award-stealer) Wayne Dupree, the Sensei of #TeamNinja and founder / creator of We Are America Radio (@WAARadio) was among those who joined FreedomWorks' Deneen Borelli at a conference held across from NAACP Convention in Las Vegas.  

Borelli took matters into her own hands after being snubbed by the NAACP for the second year in a row. Borelli, sought to address the organization for their annual meeting, but was “ignored.”  So, she along with Wayne and other prominent black conservatives like Katrina Pierson, Lesli Brower, Brenda Flank, and the Rev. C.L. Bryant, held their own event in the same hotel, at the same time, as the NAACP convention.

Wayne will join Brooklyn GOP Radio for a first-hand account of what transpired when the two conventions came face-to-face. Plus, the usual hijinks fromt he crew and... Buffoon of the Week!

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