Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brooklyn GOP Radio Credentialed For CPAC 2012!

For the second year in a row, Brooklyn GOP Radio has been credentialed for CPAC! And once again, we'll be teaming with the Official Brooklyn Young Republicans for complete coverage!

Just like last year, we've been granted full-on rock-star access to the biggest conservative conference in the nation - in the biggest political year in history! Check out the CPAC website to see who's speaking - a veritable who's who of Republican leaders from government and media. Gov. Sarah Palin will be delivering the closing speech.

And this time, Russell Gallo can actually go! Is DC ready for that? I doubt it!


  1. Captain America

    Lets go Batman WOW and The Voice you guys are THE GREATEST!!!!!

    Well Captain America I am sort of a legend in DC on You Tube that's what I am told under a different name. It makes for good lessons and laughing this You Tube Video which there are two of them. BOOG WONDERLAND PT 1 OF 10 and PT 2 OF 10.

    Well what else do I have lets see!

    God is sort of pissed off with Virginia not having Perry on the ballot I hope there is NOT another quake will they ever learn.

    Well in South Carolina The 3rd Leg of The Republican Crown Mitt on Change Again is in 1st, Newt on Sexual Desire is in 2nd, Paul on Cracker is in 3rd, Perry on Jet Burst 4th and Rick is 5th on a change of Horse I Had It.

    No betting on the rest PLEASE.

    Good Bet Exacta Mitt & Perry or Long Shot Triple Mitt, Perry and Paul.

    Syria going into Civil War Assad is a MORON Captain America's team watching very close.

    They should take (him out)to a Baseball Game this summer.

    Time for The O show staring the O family with Bo the Family Dog and Oscar The Squirrel.

    Oscar to Bo wasn't Syria a part of the Roman Empire at one time?

    Bo to Oscar: Funny the other day O asked me the same question and wanted to know about the Empire and about Caesar and the civic crown.

    Oscar to Bo: Oh my God first he wants to learn German, now this. There is something going on Bo.

    I better let someone on Captain Americas team know.

    Bo to Oscar:I would not worry O is to stupid and besides I have been reading The Bible and Revelations. I think Revelations is being played out right now and God wins the final battle Oscar.

    Oscar to Bo: Bo you read everything. Bo to Oscar: Can you keep a secret Oscar> I am not really a dog. I am a Time Traveler. Oscar to Bo: I never told you Bo: I knew all a long I am also a Time Traveler. Both laughing.....

    Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddler out for a smoke

  2. Captain America

    Happy Holiday to All:

    Nice Article Rick Perry on the Marines, at least he understands they are just in there teens. Should get him a lot of Military votes. Lets Go Rick

    I am not reading a lot today. The Giants won and I was praying a lot yesterday that they would.

    This is going to be a New York Year for our Sports Teams, I will start praying later this week.

    I am always sad on Martin Luther King Day.

    He was a great American

    I remember I shook his hand downtown Brooklyn Albee Square.

    At the same location I shook John F. Kennedy's hand and also his Brother Roberts hand.

    All three were great men.

    Other people of interest who's hand I shook Rudy G.on 18th Av & McDonald Avenue sometime in the 1990's his hand was wet and I got a bad vibe from him.

    I would never vote for him.

    Another character who's hand I shook Richard Nixon on the steps of The Federal Court House.

    He was a little short guy.

    I asked him why he did what he did.

    He looked at me, put his head down and as he walked away he mumbled I'm sorry.

    At least in the end he was humble and I know God forgave him.

    On to The O Family Show starring The O Family, Bo The Family Dog, Oscar The Squirrel, Ralph the Eagle and whoever else pops in.

    Bo talking to Oscar: Thanks God it is a Holiday.

    Oscar to Bo: Your Welcome. (Both chuckling)

    Just than O walks in and tells the both of them.

    I was in the kitchen and I told Israel to make some brownies and we could all watch movies about Martin Luther and how great he was.

    I know years from now when they make my movies and life story book your families could watch my movies and read my book and say my father use to work for him and he did so much for the people and he was one of the greatest Presidents of all times.

    Than there will be either a coin or bill with my picture, than a monument and a holiday.

    You know guys being President you get a lot of perks.

    O than walks out to the lawn with Oscar and Bo following and is still mumbling about all the great things he has done during his three years.

    Bo and Oscar both look bored.

    Bo to Oscar: Does he really believe he will have a book, a movie, a monument,money with his picture and a holiday

    Oscar to Bo. Well somebody else would have to write the book, because his English is so bad.

    The author would have to tell a lot of lies to make O look good, it will be somebody from The Democratic Party they lie a lot.

    The movie could be great with us in it, maybe 15 minute cartoons a series (It would be very comical because you can't make up this stuff what we all have gone thru this last three years) Maybe we should contact The Disney Channel.

    The monument: A Senegal political was here and told O his country would build him a monument for a 30 million dollar loan and put it some where in The Sahara Desert that way all the tourist that go into the Sahara on vacation could see it.

    O was so excited he gave them 50 million.

    Than he asked me in what State was Senegal. Bo I will tell you this story another time.

    As for the money: A toy company sent a letter they are making wooden nickles for a game in the future. To Tell The Truth (flip side)So You Want To Be President.

    He asked would all the mints Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia be striking the coins we had to tell him yes as not to break his heart. (Bo and Oscar starting to feel bad for O knowing in the future people will hardly remember him just like Jimmy)

    The holiday let's see April 1st is open (both laughing)

    High above Ralph The Eagle soars and yells bombs away. Striking O on his head.... Oh well I did yell out bombs away. These jackass's are always on the lawn

    Captain America out for a smoke

  3. Captain America

    I started to read the NY Times and sort of got bored.

    Will try and read it later.

    Perry is making his move this I know for sure.

    God's people will have a lot to say in this election.

    Do politicians really think that all of the people across the United States are morons.

    Most people believe in God and with this election they will believe more and more in God.

    God does work in ways that would make your head spin if you all knew everything that is happening.

    My son recently told me something which I sort of got a tear in my eye.

    Dad over the course of all the years I have known you. You are correct 99.6 percent of the time what you tell me, my brother and sister.

    I looked at him and smiled..

    Thinking to myself if they only knew what I do know they would be more amazed.

    When you can read the future, and people's lives and know exactly what is going to happen maybe not in the exact order but in an order that will be close to what I see.

    This order will come to par one way or another for everything is for a purpose and reason.

    People sometimes ask me to read their future.

    I refuse to do this, this I keep to myself or I will make it into a riddle or joke as not to alarm them if I see something that is negative.

    Understand I do not believe in death as most people see it. I know just your body dies and your soul lives on and on.

    That is part of God's riddle's in all of The Holy Books you all read.

    Many read these books and don't understand the true meaning behind all of the words.

    This election is fore seen in the books, you just have to understand in what order.

    Revelations is over and you all are now living in The Lower Heaven. Another riddle!

    The good news is that all of you will be judged by what good compared to what evil you have done in this life.

    Most of the people I have met at This Young Republicans Club are good people and there goodness out weights the bad in them.

    When you die you all will go to the Upper Heaven and you do not have to stop at the gate to be judged.

    Well enough of this for I am not very religious even if appears I am.

    What I have is a lot of compassion and feelings for those I see suffering and or in justices being done.

    Now you all seem to have jumped on the Mitt team. Well again it is your FREE WILL.....

    What ever that may be.. Is it your ego? your need for power? Your need to belong on the team you think is more powerful and right?

    Remember one man or woman's right is another man or woman's wrong.

    I see thru Mitt he is no good for The Republican Party and will be the same old stuff and the people will see no in difference in their lives. Mitt is for Mitt!!!

    Perry is the man.....And Anita is the woman.... They have compassion for all nations for that is how they were brought up my friends...

    It's time for The O show. Oscar talking to Bo.

    Well what do you think of these Republicans and all their promises.

    Bo to Oscar: They all sound good.

    Oscar to Bo: Which one do you really like?

    Bo thinking: Should I tell him I really like Perry or should I say Mitt, Newt, Paul or Rick, hmm, hmm

    Let's ponder this with Mitt I will be out of here for sure.

    I like Perry but I will also be out of here, but will be eating steak.

    Newt well he is confused about so many issues I would be never stand a chance any where I go.

    Paul hmm he is a cracker and I lived with O, bad news for me here.

    Rick S. I like him, I think he likes me, but I would be gone and still eating biscuits.

    Bo to Oscar: I have to go with Perry. Oscar to Bo: I was thinking the same way.

    Ralph high above the White House: hmm Bo and Oscar like Perry. Nice choice and I hardly say Bombs away when a Republican is in office.

    Besides Perry and my father flew along side of each other. Great Choice.

    Captain America out for a smoke

  4. Captain America

    I Love Snow.

    Well let's see!

    Hmm The President is a singer now. Great voice.

    I knew God knew a winner when he picked him.

    Just one problem.

    It was the wrong show.

    The Political Show he is not a star at all.

    Music wise he is a star.

    WOW Batman Al Green living inside of The President.

    God works in ways that would make your head spin.

    On a sad note Etta James the singer is dead.

    She went right to heaven for she had the voice of an Angel.

    As she was climbing the stairs she belted out one more "At Last" for Obama.

    She was right At Last he founded his calling.

    Well as for South Carolina.

    Mitt is getting confused. Newt is talking to a Rabbi now. Paul is trying to figure out where New York is. Rick S. well he is looking better and better..

    I Love This Roman Catholic and Texan Connection.

    I lite a cigarette in the house, this is a no no, but what the hell I sort of feel like Rod Sterling.

    On to The Obama Family Show with Bo The President's Dog.

    Oscar The Squirrel who lives on the lawn.

    Ralph The Bald Eagle who flies over the White House and other characters who in reality are the real unsung heroes of this country and The World.

    Bo, Oscar and Ralph sitting in The Oval Office, it's late at night.

    Mean while The President is in the shower singing.

    A Knock on the door. It's Alfred E. Neuman, everyone greets him with a kiss.

    Alfred tells everyone that The Mad Show wants to get into the Music Game and The President is perfect for this.

    They all laugh. Just then Alfred Hitchcock's shadow goes by the window.

    While Rod Sterling lights another cigarette.

  5. Captain America

    Batman wow. Newt takes One.

    What a race we have now.

    This thing called politics is really a lot of fun and you never know what is going to happen one minute to another.

    Rick S. Leads in two areas which in God's eye are very strong points and they are abortion and character.

    Now with abortion for years The Human Race was set up where the soul came in upon conception.

    God in this time we now live gave women a choice.

    To see what they would do.

    Have or not have an abortion.

    FREE WILL morals or no morals.

    Take in mind a lot of abortions did save lives and the babies souls did go back to heaven

    But many women chose abortion for the wrong reason so God with the wisdom that is Gods reversed this and the soul now comes in upon birth.

    WOW Batman God is SMART.

    Well enough about this.

    Texans you have to love them and there spirit.

    God does and was thinking which God hardly does my friends.

    Hmm I could make Texas split from The Union and install Rick Perry as President..

    Hmm than my predictions would be true.

    hmm Just joking or am I?

    It's that time The Obama Family Show with Bo The Family Dog.

    Oscar The Squirrel who's family has been in the DC area since the birth of this country.

    Ralph The Bald Eagle who's family has been here since the dawn of time with special guess appearances from his cousin Moshe on Mt Sinai.

    The President is at his desk thinking about the speech he is going to give this week.

    Asks Bo what do you think I should do or say?

    Bo responds: Can I have a biscuit 1st.

    O gives Bo a biscuit.

    Bo tells O: Look do what ever you want, does it matter what I, or Oscar or even Ralph tells you?

    Your gonna do what ever you want anyway.

    O to Bo: I know I can't help myself, I try to listen.

    You know I am listening to Barry White a lot lately and besides how are we doing with The Mad Show?

    We are having a meeting in the next room in awhile, me, Oscar, Ralph and Moshe on speaker.

    O to Bo: Ok I guess that is really more important than this stupid speech.

    Alfred Hitchcock goes by window and laughs.

    Rod Sterling lights another cigarette and laughs.

    Mean while high above Mt Sinai in Heaven God is talking with Barry White, George Burns and Moshe.

    God to Barry: Do you think O is ready for this music show?

    Barry to God: "You're the First, the Last, My Everything God, of course he is ready.

    God to George Burns: What do you think George?

    George to God: Well on the day I died you did have Gracie there and I really appreciated that. Yes he is ready!!!!

    God to Moshe the Bald Eagle: What do you think:

    Well as The Chosen Eagle I will have to agree with Barry and George, he is ready.

    God to Moshe: Stop with this chosen, all the time.

    That's all you say chosen this, chosen that.

    Now listen this is the last time I will say this Moshe.

    Everyone is CHOSEN by GOD!!!!

    Rod Sterling lighting another cigarette and laughing to himself and thinking:

    You can't make this s--t up and who would believe it anyway?

    God thinking: I love all of them and besides they are all my children.

    Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddler out for a smoke and more coffee

  6. Captain America

    On to Florida and The 4th Race for The Republican Crown: In 1st is Newt on a change of horse: Charge Ahead. Followed by Mitt in 2nd on a change of horse: True Colors Shown. In 3rd is Paul on Cracker. 4th position goes to Rick on Sense Able.

    WOW Batman its like a circus with all of this juggling.

    Now President Perry of Texas (oh I mean Governor, so sorry)Has a lot of political power.

    This Soap Opera is starting to heat up:

    On to The Obama Family Fun Show. With Bo The Family Dog, Oscar The Squirrel and Ralph The Bald Eagle.

    Bo and Oscar playing on the front lawn:

    Bo to Oscar: You know after listening to Alfred Neuman (Mad Show).

    He is right O would be a big hit with music and with his voice he is a natural.

    Oscar to Bo: Yes and with the offer he gave me, you and Ralph. We have to talk O into this.

    Bo to Oscar: Remember 1960 there was Alvin and The Chipmunks first with there cartoon, than records and than movies

    Oscar to Bo: Yes they were and still are great.

    Bo to Oscar: Think Oscar we need a name.

    How about Jackass & The 3 Brains.

    Well we better run this by Ralph.

    Ralph flying high above the White House listening to Bo and Oscar and thinking.

    We need a name that will attract all:

    How about Power Man and The 3 Americans.

    God thinking: Where is Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Sterling when I need them?

    God thinking: I need a fantastic name, will have to ponder this for a few.

    Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddler out for a smoke