Monday, March 12, 2012

B'klyn GOP Chair Wants To Draft Bob Turner For Senate!

That's what Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton thinks - and he's urging other GOP County Chairs to follow his lead!
Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton is in the news yet again!  You've probably seen it already on Capital TonightAlbany Times-UnionLo-Hud's Albany WatchNY Daily News, or the NY Post late this afternoon.  In a leaked communication to Republican County Chairs all over the state, the chairman made the case for Congressman Bob Turner as the party designee for U.S. Senate!  Yes, you read that right!  

To catch those of you up on what's going on, there are currently three would-be candidates looking for the GOP designation - Nassau Comptroller George Maragos, Attorney Wendy Long and Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin.  I know, I'm just as inspired as  you.  But more importantly, the field sets up a divisive situation where the Republican and Conservative parties could split the ticket, allowing Kirsten Gilligan... I mean, Gillibrand, to walk away with the election.  

Recognizing the situation, Chairman Eaton, in a bold move, reached out to his colleagues with what he feels is a solution that would unite everyone around a candidate that would excite the base about this election, which thus far has been a ho-hum affair.  Here's the email communication:

March 12, 2012

Fellow Chairs:
I hope this note finds you well.
This is an urgent and confidential communication in advance of Friday’s State Convention in Rochester. Please do not forward this email.
As you know, we have three declared candidates planning to run against Kirsten Gillibrand for the United States Senate. Each of these candidates has their advantages and disadvantages, but it appears a primary is imminent. Ms. Gillibrand is weak and she can be beaten. She was just declared the most liberal U.S. senator in America, and that could badly hurt her in the general election.
I am deeply concerned, though, that a contentious Republican Primary, and the possibility of the Republicans and Conservatives selecting different candidates to represent them, will spoil our chances of winning this senate seat. We are looking at a possible repeat of 2010 the way this is playing out.
There is an alternative. But there is little time. I ask you to consider the following immediately:
Republican-Conservative Rep. Bob Turner sprang onto the national scene last year. He captured the nation’s imagination by winning what was considered an impossible race in the middle of New York City – by seven points—in a district that hasn’t elected a Republican congressman since 1923! And he did it by convincing Republicans, Democrats and independents to vote for him while runnning unapologetically against the Obama Agenda that Senator Gillibrand has furthered every step of the way.
Turner has national and international name ID. The entire country was riveted to his race less than a year ago. Bob Turner’s campaign became a referendum on President Obama—and we won! Bob, a highly successful television executive, was given a standing ovation in the halls of Congress when he was sworn in.
The Democrats are now killing Bob Turner’s congressional district. They are eviscerating it. They do not want Turner to remain a public symbol for the major loss President Obama suffered in our state last year. But we can do something about that by running him for U.S. Senate.
Bob Turner plans to run for re-election – even in an awful district – but I think we can convince him to run for U.S. Senate. With his name ID, fundraising ability, instant credibility in the press, strong support in the Jewish community – and nationally celebrated status as a Washington outsider – Bob Turner can beat Kirsten Gillibrand.
It is my hope and expectation that Congressman Bob Turner could unite the Republican and Conservative parties behind a single candidate. In a matter of two weeks, we could all be working together laying the groundwork for an historic victory in November.
Bob Turner can defeat Kirsten Gillibrand. I know that and so will the public. We could find ourselves in a very strong position heading into November if we act decisively in the next 72 hours.
See you in Rochester. Would appreciate your thoughts.
Ever upward!
Craig Eaton

Kings County GOP Chairman
I have to be honest, I have been excited about working once again with Bob Turner on another election since he won six months ago.  But little did I even think that the next election could be a state-wide federal race at the top of the state ticket in the biggest election year in my lifetime.  Clearly, nothing is decided, but the next few days leading up to Rochester are getting interesting!

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  1. Nick La Mattina
    Nick La Mattina permalink
    March 13, 2012 4:16 pm

    First I would like to say thank you to all the players for you do know who you are.

    I will not be writing on these blogs anymore Gene’s or Atlas.

    With this I have learned all I can learn about politics from you all.

    I am writing two books at the same time and I am thinking about another.

    In order to write a book you have to either have experienced it, have a great imagination and can see into the future which I can.

    I can see into many of your eyes and tell of your tomorrows to come and I have had this since I have been born. A lot of times it is painful to see those around you and to know their faith.

    I have used it to my advantage many times, especially in the service.

    I sort of figured out who was full of shit the moment I met some of you at the steak house on 86th Street, than at the club at 17th Avenue.

    Most of you think in your minds your shit, don’t stink. It does, very bad.

    A lot of you are very rude and have no compassion.

    A lot of you say you believe in God and go to Church.

    God in his writings tells how the devil(s), dwell in his house.

    Well a lot of you smiled at me and appeared to be my friend, and lied about so many things.

    Well I let you use me for a little while, getting names for The Republican Party, promising me this and diners, etc.

    I had a nice dinner In February.

    In reality I must be honest we were using you to learn something we needed to know.

    Me and six of my students who I am training, for they are the future of America and one day they will be the keepers of this Great Country.

    The first book deals with love and what it means to have compassion and also deals with politics.

    Nothing in the book is negative about any of you and I have not used your real names and the location is centered in San Francisco.

    The book is Science Fiction in nature with a torch of reality.

    The 2nd book is about my youth and my experience with killing.

    I will not give the details of what I did in the military, for this book reads like Science Fiction and I will sell it like such.

    I waited close to 42 years to do this for I did sign papers to this effect along with 11 others of my comrades.

    They are all dead and I assume the government killed most of them for I did read in to most of this while this was happening to us.

    Now to address the issue of me being insane, I can assure you I am not insane.

    Everything I do is for my books and or future books.

    I did see a shrink a while back because of The World Trade Center, for I was there.

    Recently I did write The VA in Washington requesting help because of the dreams I have of the people I have killed, they never answered me.

    Please if any of you think I am mad at you or do not like you for what you have done to me or the rest of the people I see around you.

    Your wrong, I like and love all of you people and always remember this and I will always remember you all.

    Thanks and good luck in your politic thing. bye

    Nick LaMattina