Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Official - Bob Turner For U.S. Senate!

Tuesday night, the Brooklyn GOP leadership met with Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin, former Supreme Court clerk Wendy Long and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos - all of whom are seeking the GOP nomination to run against Senator Kirsten Gilligan.... I mean, Gillibrand (h/t to Brodigan for that nickname - I'm so running with it!  After all, she's Schumer's "little buddy" in the Senate!)  I have to admit, each candidate lived up to their billing.  

All three are well qualified and all have the potential to be well-funded challengers who can topple the "Most Liberal Senator" in America.

But they're not Bob Turner.
If you don't know by now, I'm all in for Bob Turner.  He pulled off the Upset of 2011 in a 3 to 1 Democratic district that hadn't seen a Republican representative in over 80 years!  He has name recognition, national notoriety, the ability to fund raise on a national level and cross-over appeal to Democrats and independents.  I'm not going to rehash Chairman Eaton's letter - read it here.

Bob Turner is greater than the sum of his parts. He has the demeanor of your grandfather, the shrewdness of a successful self-made businessman and the common sense needed in government that only someone who is still un-corrupted by the Beltway possesses.  

And the narrative has gotten better now that the Democrats have split a traditionally Democratic district to the four winds - all because they're scared of Bob Turner.  In fact, they're so scared, Team Gilligan sent out a press release attacking Bob and a plea for donations in response to his announcement - all in less than 8 hours!  

Bottom line, Bob Turner is the NY GOP's best chance to win.  Let's see if the County Chairs who meet up in Rochester on Friday agree. 

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